PIP 4E1 installation

Hi there,
do you have some experience with installing of this PIP? because i used to install PIPs which included dtd file, but this one seem to be a new kind.Can you advice me please whether is possible easily to install this 4C1 PIP?

thanks for help.Andrej

one more time: i was speaking about PIP 4E1. thanks


webMethods does not supply PARs for all possible PIPs. You can get the DTDs you need from the RosettaNet site. Create your own process model based on the appropriate template as supplied with the RosettaNet module.


As Mark stated you’ll need to download the DTD’s from www.rosettanet.org, make sure you download the version of the 4C1 you want to work with. Then through the PIP tools you’ll end up creating your own PAR file. In the PIP tools each field has a ? button, it’s pretty helpful, it’ll let you know where in the 4C1 documentation to obtain the information the PIP tool field is looking for.

Mark, I downloaded the zip file for PIP 4E1 from RosettaNet and this one doesn’t contain any DTD file, but xsd files.that’s why i am asking how to get the DTD file…I converted the xsd file to a dtd one, but also was the import to wM not succesful.
I see the problem in the content of the published PIP on rosettaNet.org page. I asked them for an original dtd, but without any response upto now.
Could someone help me in this topic? Is there someone who implemented 4E1 in the past? If yes he faced the same issue, i think. Thanks in advance Andrej


Instead of converting PIP XSD to DTD,just try to load xsd schema in the developer which it allows and this should create you the 4EI document structure.


I have the DTD file for PIP3A4. I dont know how to use Pip tool. Can anyone tell me how to use that and ge the PIP.

Click on ‘RosettaNet’ Adapter on Admin Navigational Pane and Click on ‘PIP Builder’ on RosettaNet Adapter Page.