Where can I download the PIP Archive

Hi :
I am new to WM , I am trying to implement RosettaNet to WM6.1 . But I don’t know where to download those PIP Archive (.par) files , pls help .

Use the PIP Tools to create the required PIP directly from the RosettaNet-distributed
specifications and DTDs in combination with validation schemas that you can download
from the RosettaNet web site (http://www.rosettanet.org), or that you created for your own installation.
By using the PIP Tools you can create the PIPs that you need as they are released by RosettaNet, without having to wait for webMethods or a third-party vendor to create them for you.
You can also use the sample PIP’s provided by wM for learning purposes.

Oh , Thx .

I am new to Rosettanet.How we can transfer the message between trading parters using rosettanet with weblogic?how to download pips?if u want to download the PIP whether we need to a member of rosettanet.

Where I need to dowload webmethods software?

Advantage.webmethods.com site and look for the SW downloads section.

Make sure your advantage account have Download products privileges…