PGP sample


I’m trying to investigate what support there is for PGP or GnuPG with IS 9.12. Searching the forum, i believe there was an unsupported openPGP sample package.

Does anyone have a valid link to download the old sample package or have they just implemented their own custom solution.


GitHub - SoftwareAG/webmethods-integrationserver-pgpencryption: webMethods Integration Server PGP package may be helpful. Uses the Bouncy Castle library instead of an OS shell to run gnupg the way the old PGP sample did.

Edit: Keep in mind it is a sample. You’ll likely quickly encounter scenarios that the sample does not cover (e.g. encrypt, but don’t sign; compress/don’t compress, etc.). Avoid the “one-to-one” nature of creating a stand-alone Java service for every crypt task – follow modularity principles in your own implementation. We did our own custom package some time ago, creating low-level building blocks with Java services and BC, then using those in FLOW services to handle the various scenarios. We left key management to the CLI tool but have services to read from the key store and honor key preferences.

Thank you, have downloaded the sample. I spent hours looking for the old package or a simple sample on the forum.

I only have one partner company that uses this encryption, so hopefully it’s going to be a simple implementation .

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