Performance with 400 MHz Sparc II


We are using 400 Mhz Sparc II CPU( 8 CPUS) server, 8 GB RAM for our Tamino 4. The perfomrnace is really slow.

When we use the same setup on 750 Mhz SPARC III ( 2 CPUs) the perfomance it very good.

Is high CPU speed the only way for better performance ? Is there a recommended CPU speed for good perfomance ?

We tried fine tuning the queries etc from the performance fine tuning document.


you discovered something fundamental to Tamino Performance: Generally speaking, it is CPU bound. The faster the CPU(s), the better the performance. CPU speed is the normally the biggest factor to performance. I/O does not play such a big role (normally). Nowadays the available memory is also sufficient, or at least not the mayor bottleneck.

Recommendation: More CPU speed is better.



I noticed that the “slow” system was an 8-way, and the “fast” one is a 2-way. I guess Tamino single-threads query processing?

Not right. Tamino does scale pretty well accross multiple CPUs. So for many concurrent Queries/Users you benefit from multiple CPUs. Tamino is mult-threaded (see Database parameters).
But: a single Query is handled by a single threat. So adding CPUs will not improve performance for a SINGLE Query.

So as a rule of thumb:
- faster CPUs ramp up speed for each query
- more CPUs ramp up throughput if you have more concurrent Queries than a single processor can handle.

So you will benefit of more CPUs in real life scenarios. For a Lab-test on getting best performance for a single Querie it is CPU speed, not number.