Pbm with FTP--pub.client.ftp:ls service

Hi all

When I am trying to fetch files from a FTP server for a particular pattern of files,
using pub.client.ftp:ls

DirList is returning the error message “550 TAU*.txt: No such file or directory” also same is taking as one entry for the list even though there are no files in the FTP directory.

Any idea?

Thanks In advance,

Try using pub.client.ftp:ls without passing the filename parameter and see what shows up in dirlist array.

Hi Mani,
I suppose there is some banner setting in the FTP server, I too faced the same issue. The response might change based on the settings in the FTP server across environments(DEV,TEST,PROD), so I would suggest you to use double checking in your before enter the processing sequence.

  1. Check for dirList is not null, then
  2. always check for the first element is NOT EQUAL to “550 TAU*.txt: No such file or directory”.

If these conditions are met then that means there is a valid file available for processing. This is what I did as then I was running on tight timelines and I didnt have time to investigate on this so did a work around. I will monitor this post for any solution from others.

Hi deven/suren

Thanks for your response.


When we are not passing filename pattern,dirlist shows null.Expected result.