Payload validation as a WS Provider.


This question or similar question was asked on the forums before but i’m not able to find a clear answer.

Here it goes. I create a web service provider under IS The service has a single string as an input and single string as an output. When exposing the service and consuming the WSDL from SoapUI I’m able pass additional input parameters and and IS doesn’t complain. How to get IS to validate the incoming message (payload) and fulfills the WSDL contract?

Things I tried:

1- Validate Schema using Xerces is set to True
2- having Validate Input box ticked will complain for missing mandatory inputs.

Thank you.

Hi Tariq,

Suggested two options must suffice the validation needs but you can also try using the pub.schema:validate service in your flow service. Set the isValid flag true or false based on the output of pub.schema:validate and then expose your flow service as a provider.

Thank you Mahesh.

I was able to detect unidentified objects by using pub.schema:validate as you have suggested.

It just seems odd that IS adheres strict rules by default when acting as a service consumer but not as a service provider.

Appreciate your help & thank you again!