Patch scripts for updating schemas

I’ve installed the first version of our product based on Tamino at the customer. Just few days later, the first change requests from my customer are comming in. These changes required to change my schema structure.

How do I apply patches on my Tamino schema? I would like to do that programmatically by providing patch scripts, rather than doing them manually over the Schema Editor. Of course, all changes (attributes/elements) have to be optional, in order that existing data still complies to the schema.

Does anybody know how to apply schema changes by scripts?

Thanks, ren

A common method to change xml files is XSLT. However I would prefer not to maintain such a szenario but would change the schema.

Why not using stylesheets (XSLT) for that?

Hint: you can use the Java Loader’s -define option to define the resulting schema document to Tamino from the command line or a script.

Regards Udo

I’d actually like to apply changes to my schema, e.g. adding elements or attributes, without unloading/loading the existing data. Of course, this is just possbile, if data still conforms the new XML schema.
Is there a way to do such a schema changes with a batch program?

thanks, ren