Passing username password for DSP from Portal

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We have a CAF implementation and we also have a few DSP pages. There is a requirement that the Users who login to CAF application should get a link to the DSP pages and there should be no pop-up for user authentication.

Currently, the DSP pages have default access and we do not want to change that because there are services with the Default access being invoked from the DSP.

When we create a Flow service connector in CAF, we can pass username/password for the same. Similarly, is there a way to pass the logged in user details to the DSP pages?

I have seen that the IS admin console can be opened in MWS in version 8.2 using Single sign on. But we are currently using 7.1.3.

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you can send user authentication data in http header. The simplest way to send is modify your link:
Or you can add auth parameters to http header when you opening dsp from MWS.


Hi lskierkowski,

Thanks for the response. I tried the URL that you gave, but IE says that the address cannot be found.

I also tried http://host:port/xyz.dsp?username=a&password=a but it still asks for the password.

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Ninad Patil


this solution doesn’t work in IE. It works in chrome and FF (with popup message). To put authentication data to IE you should change some registry values accordin to article;en-us;834489.
There is no other way to put authentication data to link.