Passing table type parameter to a stored procedure in SQL

Hi All,

There is a requirement in our project where in we need to invoke a stored procedure which takes input as table parameter.

Can anyone suggest how to invoke this stored procedure as in wM table is represented as a a document list.
I tried loading metadata of the stored procedure input but was getting error. Any pointers will be appreciated.

we are using SQL server 2008



Hi VS,
In JDBC Adapter’s guide, there is a section called ‘JDBC Data Type to Java Data Type Mappings’. It lists all supported JDBC data types including BLOB, CLOB, OTHER, STRUCT etc., I do not see TABLE data type being listed here, may be it is not supported. Please check with Software AG support for confirmation…


Thanks Senthil.

I will get in touch with Software AG support. I was also thinking if I can invoke the stored procedure using dynamic sql.

Anyways thanks for the reply.

What table parameter are you talking about? you mean JDBC field type selection or input param via customSQL /dynamicSQL template?