Oracle stored procedure call which returns PLSQL TABLE data type as OUT parameter

I need to call an oracle stored procedure which returns a PL/SQL TABLE data type (OUT parameter). In the parameter tab of the adapter service, I selected “OTHER” as the JDBC type and “java.lang.Object” as the java type for this parameter. It displays an “Invalid Column type” exception when I run this adapter service.

How do I get Table type in my service. My requirement is to return an array of strings from Oracle stored procedure. I am using webMethods 6.0.1. Any help will be appreciated.

This post doesn’t have an answer, has anyone figured this out?

We are using the JDBC adapter (IS 6.0.1) to connect to Oracle 9i and want to pass an array of strings as input paramters and receive an array as output parameters. How should we define the input/output parameters?

I had hoped that when we created the adapter service, it would show a list of the in/out parameters (like it does for select, insert, update, delete adapter services), but no luck.

Michelle - The only way we found to execute such a stored procedure was to use the JDBC OCI driver (the thin driver is not robust enough to handle arrays) and write our own Java service. This was not a trivial task.

If anyone has found a better way to do this with perhaps a built-in service, please do let us know.