Passing JavaBean instances in IData pipline

Hi all,

having just started with wM, I ran into a problem when passing Java objects from one IS Java service to another:

The first Java service creates an IData object, puts a Java Bean into it and places that IData object into the pipeline. When outputting the pipeline, I can see the JavaBean with its property values, all is well.

When connecting that service to another Java service with wM Designer, the second service is missing the actual data in the Java Bean. The only thing that it receives in the IData object is the class name of the JavaBean as a string - it seems that the bean instance is not transferred to the second service.

Inputs and outputs are correctly set up, after checking the documentation it seems that I do everything right - are there some requirements that Java objects in the pipeline have to fulfill? Have to be Serializable? Implement something?

Any help is appreciated!

  • Joerg

Can you post the source of the two services?