Partners Login


I have setup everything in the Trading Networks.
Now when i try to use the partners login and password, it doesnot accept. In the processing rules i am just sending an email.

What else do i need to do so that partner can send the docs.


Can you elobrate little more about what exactly you are trying to do?



I plan to receive XML docs from my partner. I have created the profile, doc types, processing rules for the XML doc i would be receiving it. I also received the username and password when i had created the partner profile.
The processing rule just receives the doc and sends an email.

Now when the partner is trying to send the document, the username and password for the partner is not accepting.

As i understand something needs to be done at the Admin UI for registering the trading partner. I am not sure, what???

Please suggest.


When you create the profile in TN that time username and pwd were created and that user has TradingPartner ACL assigned by default. What ACL you have assigned for the service which is hit by trading partner? It has to set to Trading Partner ACL.

When you create a partner profile in TN by default you will get Trading Partner ID as username and mixedletter word as password. You have given same username and password to partner. How your partners sending xml documents to TN(using http or ftp).