Partner not recognised in TN

Hi ,

I have added a new Trading partner , but when the partner tried to send a RN message the sender is not recognised in TN though the DUNs number in the RN message and the Partner profile are same. Below is the error that i found in TN:

“Transform for SenderID of doctype PIP4A4 Generic Internal Document failed to produce a value. The transform function was FN_PARTNER_LOOKUP, the first original value was 234567810”

Can some one help me on this.


Krithiga Muralidharan

is it the standard RN implementation, i m asking this beacuse i can see documenttype you mentioned is “PIP4A4 Generic Internal Document” if you partner is sending you this document why its named as internal document??


The problem was ´with the look up rather than the profile. It got rectified now.
Thanks for your reply anyways.