Parsing Flat files from xml to txt

Hi All,

Can anyone pls help me in Parsing flat file from xml to txt format.

Help is really appreciated.



XML to document will convert the xml string to a document. Later you need to develop a flat file schema and convert the same to a flat file.

Flat file adapter guide on the IS will help you do this

Bhavani Shankar

go through wmflatfilesamples also, you have samples there. Do a search also such questions are answered numerous times


Before posting the query,always you can use the keyword search example “flatfile” …functionality in this forum,you will definetely hit with lots of results as there lot of flatfile issues/discussions done here…This saves your time and get you faster resolution which keeps you move further…


The scenario u are talking about is pretty basic ,if u can go through the flatfile adapter guide, you could easily do it. Download the flatfile adapter guide from webmethods advantage .