Parsing Flat File

I am parsing a csv file. The first row I have is column heading and then the data.

 I use format services for couple of couples to format the data. But, when I run the service, I am getting exception since the first row in the file is not data(Its column names). 

Do we need to delete the first row before sending the data file to webMethods?

Is there any way we can set in ffSchema to ignore the first row in the file?

Do we ahve any other approach to solve the issue. 


Hi Brain,

If Column names are fixed and consistent, you can avoid the formatting for the column names in the formatted service by putting a check condition for column names.After parsing the FlaFile into a document using FlatFile Schema, you can ignore the first record while processing the document.


Try creating a record that describes the column headings and making the other records sub-records of that one.
However, easiest solution is to have them removed before the file is sent.

I’m sure someone asked this before, try searching the history.

We can do your approch but the only draw back is performance. The column names gets checked for each and every record/row and they are more than 15000 in each file. This would be a lot of over head I guess.

Can you further explian your approach.