Parsing custom EDI like file

I am relatively new to webMethods so needed some help understanding how to parse a particular file. The attached document (“Document Format”) has the structure for the file. It is not a standard EDI document but the format is EDI like. Attached is also a sample file. I tried creating a flat file schema for the document but got stuck on how to define the document loop, wholesaler loop, details loop, etc.

Any help is appreciated.

Document Structure.doc (75 KB)
Sample File.txt (6.01 KB)

When you create the FlatFile schema in Developer for your particular EDI format, there is an option to add a simple record (no children) or a record with children. You just have to make sure that the FF schema you difine (along with dictionary) reflects the requirements. By loop what some people mean is that the record may/may not have child records.