Packaging Applications

Good Day everyone,

I am new to this forum. Just registered.

I intend developing applications for use on PC’s and Cell phones and currently have developed one for evaluation of the environment etc.

I need to know how it can be packaged as run time verion to be deployed on other PC’s

NOTE: I do understant the use of SYSTRANS (UNLOAD & LOAD) to port from PC to PC running ADABAS Natural environment.

Appreciate any help

You should be using SYSOBJH rather than SYSTRANS.

Thanks will check it out.

If you “stow” a Natural-Program, you create a kind of bytecode (compareable to Java). To run a natural Program you always need a Natural Runtime installed on the regarding PC (like the virtual machine of java).
So it’s not possible to create an “EXE-File” or something like that to run the program without Natural.

But I guess for business applications on cell phones, it’s better to work with simple HTML or WAP-documents. And there you can use Natural on the host side of course.

For games etc. on cell phones, there are obviousliy better development languages and environments available.

Checked out SYSOBJH, it is the same as the ‘Object Handler’ option on the Natural menu.

  1. Does not package into a single file that can be executed on another PC.
  2. Had to use SYSMAIN first to isolate only the ‘objects’ into another library before using SYSOBJH to avoid packaging the ‘source’.

Or you write a configuration file for SYSOBJH (see the docs). SYSOBJH is not a replace ment for SYSMAIN but for SYSTRANS. SYSMAIN copies betweeen libraries. SYSOBJH creates file(s) for download and upload on different machines (which must both run Natural, but these Naturals need not to know each other) :wink:

Thanks for all the responses.

I can somewhat see the workflow required now. Appreciate a little more input.

Let me recap,

  1. Use SYSMAIN and create a library only wth the ‘Objects’ - including the DDM
  2. Use SYSOBJH and use Unload to package the library all objects - The FDT ?
  3. Aquire / Create a Natural / ADABAS runtime Object ???
  4. Install Natural / ADABAS run time on the receiving PC
  5. Use SYSOBJH to Load application
  6. Use SYSOBJH to Load FDT ?

The PC that is intended to run the application needs only the ‘Runtime’ (the virtual machine). I cannot find any refrence to how I can get this. My question is,

  1. Can Natural create the runtime version to be shipped with the application?
  2. What about the ADABAS files? How do you package and ship?

Just to understand where I am comming from - My former ‘Team Lead’ a Java developer used ‘InstallAnywhere’ that was slick in packaging the java objects, JVM and the ‘Object’ database and provide a single executable to the clients for installation. I am trying to mimick and / or ‘improve the concept’ for use.

I’m not a salesperson, so please check with an account representative and take this as a BIG disclaimer :wink:

Your client would have to acquire runtime license(s), not sure if you could enter a reseller agreement so that you can ship an entire “package” that way. The Runtime needs to be installed as well, not just copied.

SYSOBJH allows you to package “external” objects, i.e. other than Natural objects and FDTs, as well.

We are using Naturall 6.1.1 Pl.03
Once you have installed Natural Runtime (which is basically a copy of Natural - without all the bells and whistels) you can do the followig:

(Note: This is how we do it, so, it might not be the best way.)

Your Natural Runtime file structure (in Win Explre) is a duplicate of your Natural file structure i.o.w.

Natural - c:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural.…
Runtime - c:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural Runtime.…

  1. After changes to code, SYSOBJH (Unload) affected libraries
  2. In Natural Runtime, SYSOBJH (Load) (API can be created)
  3. Now, in the Natural Runtime folder, we create a ZIP file(self extgractor) of the Natapps folder.
  4. This then needs to be distributed to the PC’s (that has Natural Runtime installed, and basically just extracted.
  5. We do the same with ADABAS. Create ZIPfile of the specific DB that needs to be ported.
  6. You basically need the following to be zipped:
  • Natapps(FUSER)
  • Prof (c:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural Runtime\6.1.1\Prof)
  • ADABAS (c:\Program Files\Software AG\ADABAS\DB??
    If you zip the content of these folders and duplicate them on the receiving PC’s, you should have your Runtime up and running.
    (Note: Always reboot PC after unzipping to clear buffers, or write routine to clear buffers).

This is in a nutshell how we distribute that “package”. You can contact me at