Package WmDoc : how it works ?

Anybody can help me about WmDoc package.
I install it on my 10.5 IS and when I go to :5555/WmDoc, I see my all package.
But when I click on one package I see only the root folder of the package (nothing else) and I don’t see any flow service, java service, document type…
There is a kind og paragraph called Shared Imports and Shared Java Source but there is nothing under it (for each my packages).

I know in designer we can click on view in HTML for each component of packages but I don’t know it there is a link between that and how the WmDoc package work.

Hi Vital. The WmDoc package version that you have is not compatible with 10.5, I have attached an updated version that I found which is working on my own local installation.

Best regards,
Theo (720 KB)

Thx Theo,
It’s work great !