PAckage SYnc

How to sync package from one env to other env if build is not provided?


Ex in UNIX:-

Assume FRADTCA-APQ067 ( Source environment ), FRSDTCA-APQ227 ( target environment )
Package name: LAF_BCMix2GCMix ( source server package which is to be moved in to target server ) and wmadmin is the user

scp -r wmadmin@FRADTCA-APQ067:/opt/webmethods/IntegrationServer/packages/LAF_BCMix2GCMix wmadmin@FRSDTCA-APQ227:/opt/webmethods/IntegrationServer/packages/

Use the above command to copy package from one environment to another, it is not possible to copy all packages at a time, you can only copy one by one.


You can export the package from source server into local directory and import the same into target server ( this operation can be done through Developer )

I would recommend doing export/import. Copying the files/directories via the file systems will not load the changes in the target server.

Thanks reamon…

Copying the files/directories via the file systems - it worked in mycase but the changes will get reflect only after restarting target server.

Couple of ways doing this:

-using export and import
-from admin console go to package management -> click on archive button next to the package, then the package will go to …/IS/replicate/outbound/" then scp that package to target server path “…/IS/replicate/inbound”, login into target IS and go to package management, click on “install”.
-From Admin console, go to “packagemanagement->publishing->create release” package, Once its done, the click on "send release"and select the target server.then go to target server and click on install release.
Note::Before doing step three, add both source and target servers in the “remore servers” list on both source and target.