Package Replication

I published a package from Server A to B. Then I went to server B and removed this package from server B’s “Subscriptions Initiated by Remote Publisher” page. Now this package is not listed on Server B’s subscriptions page. When I try to go back to server A and re-publish this package I get the following error:

“This error was returned by a remote server: Error: ServerB:5555 is already a subscriber for a package called PACKAGE.”

Does any one have any idea why this would be the case?

After publishing in Server A ,Have you checked in the server B ISAdminConsole/Packages/Management/InstallInboundReleases listbox whether the package transferred?

And also when publishing/subscribing packages the server A might have displayed some message like successfully published the package to B if you have provided valid HostName,Port,remoteuser/pass.

Then definetely the released package should shown in the inbound releases list of subscribing serverB.


Hello HTH,
the publish from server A to B works just fine. The issue is when I went and removed Server A (Package X) as a remote Publisher from Server B. When I did this, Server A (Package X) the IS showed the fact that “Subscriptions Initiated by Remote Publisher” page does not have Package X as a remote publication.
Then I went back to Server A to publish the same Package X to Server B and I got the following error:
“Error: ServerB:5555 is already a subscriber for a package called PACKAGE X.”

Did you removed subscribers in server A before publishing again?So that it will allow to republish.


Can Anybody pls explain me how to publish a package from a server to another.

Thanks in Advance!


In detail:

Using the IS Admin Console webpage look under the Packages/Publishing link upon you will see the link (Add Subscribers)click this then in this screen select the particular Packages from the list that you want to publish and enter the details of the remote server that is subscribing this package and finally AddSubscriber.
If you want to make sure this step in the Packages/Publishing link page you will see all the existing packages and each will have “subscribers” or “No subscribers” .

Nextstep will be under Packages/Publishing link upon you will see another link Create and Delete Releases then look for the packages which you have done the subscription you will see “CreateRelease” option just click that.

Finally make sure in the remote server IS Admin Console webpage under the Packages/Management link upon clicking the Install Inbound Releases page you should see published package in the Release filename listbox.

Also look into the “ISAdministratorUserGuide.pdf” for to know precisely how to use this feature.