Package org.apache.fop.apps does not exist

Hello expert,

i am trying to use FOP library to generate PDF document, i have import the requested jars to /lib directory (see screen shot below: lib.png), and the classpath was well updated with the libraries path (see screenshot below: classpath.png).

i am able to import the packages into my javaservice (see sceenshot below: code.png), but when i try to complie my service, it gives the below error:

The source was saved, but was not compiled due to the following errors: package org.apache.fop.apps does not exist
import org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException;





can you help please.

thank you in advance


the Classpath entry shown above is only relevant for the Designer workspace to display signature help information during development.

When you try to compile the service the jar needs to be present in the IS classpath (ideally in the packages code/jars directory or another package which was marked as a dependency for your package).

If you plan to put the jar in a central place in the IS instead of placing it in your package, you place it under lib/jars/custom directory to mark that it was added later and did not come with the installation Out-Of-The-Box.

When placing in the package it is sufficient to just reload that package when there is an update to the jar (as long as the jar does not have a native part), whilst placing under ISes lib/jars/custom directory will always require a Shutdown and Restart of the complete instance.


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