Package Dependency check


I´ve just applied the latest IS fix, IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix29, which made the package dependency check become more strict.

Before IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix29 it was possible to delete a package which another packade depended on (it just generated a warning if I´m not misstaken).

But after IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix29 it´s impossible to delete such package without editing all the other packages and removing the dependency. This makes it pretty much impossible to deploy new versions of such packages :frowning:

Does anyone know if there is a certain paramter I can set to make this dependency check less strict (or turn it off)?

I´ve opened a SR to SAG about this, but it´s not likely they will do anything about it - but I´ll keep you updated about whats happening.

Version Info
IS: 7.1.2


Software AG said it´s not their problem since we´re not using the deployed - not very surpricing…

Luckily, the provider of our release/deployment tool fixed it for us.
Very strange that SAG implements this as a strict feature which you cannot turn on/off. Alot of people which does not use the deployer are likely to run into some trouble…

The deployer solves this by disabling every package with a dependancy to the package you are deploying.


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