Package dependencies in Centrasite

I am wondering if there is a way to display/report on dependencies between packages in Centrasite. I have tried publishing entire packages from Designer to Centrasite 9.8. I can see Centrasite created the IS package/service/doctype assets.

However, when looking at the IS service asset info, I can see references to other flow services (if referenced from current asset), but it did not reference the package name as another attribute. I checked also and nothing interesting in the IS Package asset attributes.

Is there a way to extract/append this information during import? It will be beneficial if package dependicies can be seem at higher level.


Hi Matthew,

the Package Name in IS is not part of the service name directly.

Is the dependency declared in the package properties?

If not it might not be possible to determine the package in which the asset is placed.


I understand that package name is not part of the service namespace. I’ve tried adding the package dependencies in the package properties before republishing to Centrasite, the outcome is still the same.

Is there a way to ‘tweak’ the Centrasite publish/import service via extension or code somehow?