package does not exist


Do anyone have any idea about the problem (package does not exist)?

I create a jdbc connection using JAVA Service. I complied the code successfully before. But I don’t know what’s going wrong recently when I try to update the java code. The complie error come out.

Complie Error:
/apps/webMethods7/IntegrationServer/packages/TDS_Common_Test/code/source/TDS_Common_Test/DTTN/ package does not exist
java.sql.Connection con =(java.sql.Connection)IDataUtil.get(pipelineCursor,;


Did you delete or rename a folder in the package containing your java service? Package in the error message refers to a java package not an IS package.

NO, I have not delete or remove the working folder. I also tried to create a new package and java service. I got the same complie error. :confused: