Package BackUp

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way in which we could archive all the packages on the integration server using one command instead of archiving each package one by one under package management?


Hi Ruturaj,

please have a look at the code samples section of the community.

There are some samples for how to build a scheduled service which will backup a (configurable) list of packages on a regular basis.


Otherwise you can write your custom logic to backup your project packages (excluidng Wm* packages) by using the services present in WmPublic/pub.packages.*. Note that public service pub.packages:backupPackage
will do it for you.

Refer 9-8_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference guide for service notes and usage details.

That is exactly what the samples are explaining.

You will have to iterate over a list of packages you want to backup as there is no build in service for backing them up altogether.

We have used on of these exmples (some of them have been migrated from wmUsers to the community) and customized it for our needs.