Overriding the newer version of Jar file for Java service.

I need to reference to the newer version of Jar file for one of my Java service., Is there a way to tell Designer to reference to the newly added/Referenced .Jar file instead of the one which was loaded by IS/Designer by default?

The scenario Is like this.

xyz1.1.jar file already exists in the folder WMRoot\Ws-Stack\lib\shared . But for one of the java service I need Xyz1.5.jar . Though I referenced the newer version of the jar file from Designer\Package Explorer., Designer is still using/referencing to the older version. I need to find a way to use xyz1.5.jar instead of xyz1.1.jar

I see you are trying to code a java service. Could you share your requirement and the version of webMethods you are using?

The jars added in the designer will not be used during runtime.

Place the jars in the \code\jars. And reload the package.

Thanks for your replies.

I am writing the java service using Amazon Web Services., AWS library has a file Joda-time2.x.jar ., but the older version of the jar joda-time1.x.jar was already loaded by designer internally from different location.

java service is still using the older version of the jar file even though I have the 2.x version placed in the code\jar .

When I did the overwrite of the 1.x with 2.x version it worked fine., But I do not overwrite the latest version in IS/Designer because it might impact something else.

I am trying to find the solution to overwrite the newer version at the package level.

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Which version of webMethods & Designer are you using?
Are you using Local Service Development?

As long as the development is not local, the jar-file placed on the IS in the location specified in this thread by Naidu will be used, as the service gets compiled on the IS.

If this does not work place the Jar-File under code/jars/static of the package and shutdown and start the IS with a fresh JVM-istance.