Outbound IDOC to SAP BC

I am working on the SAP Business Connector where i need to call a service on receiving a IDOC from the SAP system.
I will configure a routing rule to call a particular flow service.
My question is , will the idoc that was sent to the BC be available automatically to the flow service that i have called or do i have to create an XML out of it and pass it as an input to the service?
I am a beginner to the SAP BC…

the IDOC will automatically come into SAP BC i your connection from SAP to SAP BC has been set up correctly (RFC connection). Use the flow service pub.sap.idoc.transformFlatToHierarcy to change the flat structure of the IDOC to nested structure and you can see in the boundNode the values of your IDOC.


I am new to SAP,my requirement is like this i want to convert the created idoc to xml format using SAP BC.Can u please tell me where can i get the SAP BC.


hi vamshi,

you can get SAP BC from SAP if you have the license for SAP. This can be installed as part of your SAP infrastructure like a bolt-on. Please read all the documentation that comes with it, especially the installation guides and the SAP Adapter guide which will tell you how to convey IDOCs or XML-IDOCs etc from SAP to SAP BC and how it is captured and can be processed in SAP BC.

Hope this helps.

Hi Noraidah,

Could you please guide me how to get the XML data from SAP BC Server to SAP BC Developer, is there any flow service which is available to store that xml data in either hard disk or website. I created a routing rule with B2B as transport, and the status is coming Confirmed, but i want to automate in such a way that when i post a material from SAP the XML data should sit in either hard disk or website. Please tell me how to do this. I am new to BC. Please guide me.