Outbound FA 997 in Trade Networks

In web methods we automatically generate FAs.
When I look for them in Trading Networks Console they show up as an X12 Envelope item.

I need to be able to identify these items as 997s. Is there an easy way to do this. Or do I need to write a flow service to pick the 997 up and reidentify it.


On the query page, you can select custom criteria to identify generated FAs. Set the attribute to “EDI Outbound FA”, operator to Equals and the value to true (basically, the same settings used in a processing rule that delivers the FAs). Refer to the EDI Module User’s Guide for details.

Because I did not set up and agreement for outbound documents with this trading partner. Thanks for the reply… I have another issue with 997s that I am testing. While I am here I will share it.

I have savePipelineToFile and restorePipelineFromFile enabled then I go on with my flow.

  1. There are time the program will throw a ‘filename no found at writeToFile’.
  2. It will generate a 997 with control characters in it
  3. It does not process the file/load the file into the database

When I redrop the file for processing it runs just fine. I have today disabled the savePipelinToFile and restorePipelineFromFile to see if that will stop the file from throwing this error. Several trading partners use the same flow service and I thought possibly there was not enough time between processes?