Out of Memory errors In Broker 7.1 server logs

Broker 7.1 was running fine and suddenly crashed and following is the error in broker server log from MywebMethods …

Out of memory while sending data to IP network address 0A01E279, connection has been broken

Searched in Advantage found some patches for similar errors for Broker 6.1/6.5 not for Broker 7.1

Any Ideas…

Thanks In Advance

What operating system? Be sure and report this issue to WM Support via service request. We did similar things for Broker 6.5 and helped identify new memory leaks. Fixes eventually were released for that version.


Thanks for the reply Mark…We are using Windows 2003.I did make a SR regarding this to WM,they are aware of this errors and no reply from them since 15 days …this is our third SR on 7.1 version, haven’t got answers for the 3…

You should politely, but firmly escalate these issues with support. Sounds like you’re SRs are still stuck in message taker land. Be sure to capture lots of details each time the Broker fails with OOM errors and send those with your SR requests.

We also migrated to 7.1.1 and we are having same issues with the broker,MWS…made SR’s and had webex sesisons no reply…

please share here if you get those resolved…

Work with your management to escalate these SRs, first to the Support Manager to which your support engineer reports, then to his manager. Work with your WM / SoftwareAG sales rep and enlist his/her support as well.


hi , did u get the broker issue resolved , if yes can u let me know what coused your broker crash .Did u get any fix from Software AG.

JVM has provided helpful arguments to deal with OutOfMemoryError. In this article we would like to highlight those JVM arguments.

Those JVM arguments are:

  1. -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath
  2. -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError
  3. -XX:+ExitOnOutOfMemoryError
  4. -XX:+CrashOnOutOfMemoryError

Once heap dumps are captured, you can use tools like HeapHero, Eclipse MAT to analyze heap dumps.
Also You can use tools like fastThread to analyze hs_err_pid file. But most of the time information present in hs_err_pid is very basic. It’s not sufficient enough to troubleshoot OutOfMemoryError.