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We just got an Out Of Memory error recently and we increased the JVM heap memory. Is there any other way that we can monitor the memory if it is being full or just a warning that it will become full by not looking to the Admin Console? Does anybody here doing this monitong of JVM in UNIX and how?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Hi, Quiel.

This is a fairly common error message but without more information, it will be difficult to pinpoint the cause of your problem.

I’d recommend going to http://www.wmusers.com/cgi-local/wmusers/board-search.cgi and doing a search for “Out of Memory” in the “Integration Server & Trading Networks” section. There are over 45 topics that includes this phrase and you may find that one of them helps you out.

If you don’t see any relevant threads, be sure to come back here and elaborate on your issue.


Here is the error we got:

ServerError: (java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException:

yeah, I searched the website already and I everything is helpful. but I’m looking for something that will tell me how to monitor the JVM of WM in Unix that will run in crontab.

Thanks Dan

The easy way is to subscribe to the stat event - set it to invoke the pub.event:stat service in which you can retrieve the freeMem and percentage free. See the built-in services and develop guide for more info.

You can set the polling interval time which determine how often the event will fire - watt.server.stats.pollTime to be exact.

We found that increasing the memory allocated to the jvm helps us get over the ‘hump’ during processing but you will probably need to take a serious look at your services. Using large document handling, dropping objects as soon as they’re not needed in the pipeline, etc should help with memory problems.

I’ve heard rumors of allocating at least 500MB-1GB of memory to the webmethods JVM.

Thanks Will…that greatly helps.


we have an out of memory problem for an particular IS 6.5.

Usage of what version of JVM or WM fix would be perfect, in order to resolve this issue.

waiting for an speedy reply,

thanks in advance


If you are having a lower version of JVM then try the below one

Java Version
Java Data Model 64-bit

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