out of memory error while route large XML file to TN.

We are getting out of memory error while routing large size IS document to TN. We are following the below steps to route it to TN.

documentToXMLString - Converting ID data into XML String.
wm.tn.doc.xml.routeXml - This service takes input as XML node which we got from xmlStringToXMLNode service.

We are not getting any entry in TN activity log when we look through TN console and in error log we have out of memory error…

I guess the problem is in documentToXMLString service… Its not able to handle large data which is around 70-80 MB.

Is their any other efficient way of routing document to TN ?:confused:

Search on large file handling both here in this forum and in the TN User’s Guide.

Hi Mark,

thnx for ur quick reply

We have already implemented TN large file handling with the following paramters

tn.xml.xqlThreshold = 50000
tn.BigDocThreshold = 26214400

But i guess this paramters comes into picture when the document is routed to TN. In my case the document is not routed.

Am I following the best way to route the document to TN or their are other ways through which I can implement the same.

May be you have to process Node by Node via services like getNextXMLNode,getXMLNodeIterator and then process it to

documentToXMLString (If you think this step is the root cause)