os for developer/designer


Has any one worked with version 8.0 of Developer / Designer on Win 7 or a Mac box? The 8.0 system requirements showed Win 7 64-bit as unsupported for Designer and both tools unsupported for the Mac. I would think these tools would run inside a vm on the Mac. I do most of my work on Developer and some on Designer. I’m not looking at running any of the wm servers on these boxes. Any reason to choose or stay clear of either OS is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Unsupported does not mean that they wont work on those particular operating systems.
It is just that they are not tested yet and hence not supported by SAG.



in the software AG forum I just read that Designer will become supported on Linux:

Have a look here:


Thank you for your response. I was able to connect to IS 8.0 using Desginer 8.2 on XP (current box). Developer 8.2 gave the message that it isn’t backwards compatible with IS. So, I’m leaning toward using Developer 8.0 and Designer 8.2 on Win 7 64-bit.