Order for calling activate() and other methods?


is there an order defined when the methods activate() and that of the button are called?

There are 3 methods in my adapter:

  1. activate(String, String, String). Here, I check a flag
  2. doSomething(). This method is called by a button and invokes either changeFlag() directly or opens a new popup which invokes changeFlag(), too.
  3. changeFlag(). This method sets a flag and opens a new popup.

The normal behaviour is that doSomething() calls directly changeFlag(), a new popup appears and after closing that, activate() is invoked so that I can check and reset the flag.

But if I open also a popup in doSomething(), activate() is called after opening the new popup in changeFlag() and not - as normal - after closing this new popup of changeFlag().

I have to do it in this way (in my opinion) because the popup in changeFlag() must forward to a servlet and afterwards, this servlet redirect to a new CIS instance (calls startCISPage…). That’s why the adapter after my servlet can not know the previous adapter with the 3 described methods…

Perhaps, there exists another solution and someone could tell me…

Thanks in advance for any advice…

H. Johannes