Orchestrate Two Or More Applications in webMethods Integration Cloud

Hello Experts,

I registered into webMethods Integration Cloud. And I could able to Integrate two applications using “Synchronize two appliocations”. Which is pretty much straight forward.

But only thing is that, I’m looking for “Orchestrate two or more applications” Integration. Here, I want to pass the output of the “salesforce CRM:Query” service, to the input for the another application “salesforce CRM:SFDCUpsert” as shown in the attached screenshot.

Can someone please help me out how to map the first application results to the other applications input of the Orchestration Integration model.

Hello Experts,

Finally, I got to know how to pass pipeline output variables as an input to the another application. The only thing is, you need to keep the another application followed by the first application in between the Start Integration& End Integration. Then the integration flow ran successful.

Simply to say, as you invoke different flow steps in designer/developer in a one by one.

Please take a look at the attached screen shot for your better understanding.

-Sai Pradeep.

Thanks for the updates to this self thread.