Oracle PL/SQL

Does Entire-X interface with oracle PL/SQL?

Our Internet support Staff uses the integrated Apache web server that comes with Oracle to provide dynamic web site content. I was asked the question above.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which components of EntireX would best be suited to use with Oracle PL/SQL? If there are examples available, please tell me where they are located.


One option is to use the Java Wrapper and/or RPC server. For Oracle applications wanting data from mainframe (eg Natural / Adabas), a Java Wrapper client program would make an RPC call to Natural RPC server to return data. For Natural (or other mainframe client applications), Natural can call a Java RPC Server (see the Examples directory and SDK documentation), which invokes Java methods to do such things as accessing Oracle databases.

There is a Technical Paper on Servline24 on “RPC Testing” in the EntireX section that talks about calling the Java RPC Server from Natural.

Thank you. This information was very helpful.

Attached is a Java as well as a PL/SQL example, which a colleague of mine created a few years ago.

I hope you find it useful.

Theo (38.5 KB)

And here is the second attachment.
PL (1.1 KB)