Oracle DB migration document

Hi all,

I got to know there is an Oracle DB migration document provided by SAG in the documentation. I am working on 11g to 12c release 2 migration in 9.8 version hosted in linux. DBA team will move the existing DB to new host and rest of the DB attributes will be same. As part of this migration, I need to perform the respective changes at webmethods end (MWS, IS, Broker). So I need the list of places where I need to do the changes like JDBC adapter connections, Pools, Jars update, OJDBC driver, DB views and stored procedure and many other. So I need the SAG provided document for the reference. I checked in the SAG documentation sections but unsuccessful in finding it. Could anyone help me with the same? Thanks in advance.

Thank you
Surya RK

Hi Surya,

please check the responses under your second thread for this topic: