Optimize Controller


I have installed optimize controller / data handler and satellite on single machine. Database connectivity is established for optimize controller. But while starting the controller through command prompt I am getting following error

org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not read mappings from resource: com/dante

Previous to this message log shows

[Thread : main] DBUtil:----Database validation successful—

Please advice.


Hmmm. Sounds like a jar containing the xml file may be missing from the classpath. Search Advantage for that filename and if you don’t get any hits, I would suggest logging an SR with webMethods Support to add to their very long list for Optimize installation issues.


Thanks Mark. I found out jar file containing that xml . But now start up batch is giving error for another xml file. Second xml file is also located in the same jar file, and as I already put that jar file in classpath, it should find it.
But it is giving me error with second xml file.