Opening multiple pop ups from same parent window not working

I am trying to open multiple pop ups from a parent window. The requirement is after opening multiple pop ups, user can click on save button which will save information in database.

The problem is after opening two pop ups and bean of parent window gets initialised and all the values become null…

Is there any workaround for this issue?? Please suggest.


I am facing similar problem, but with one single Pop Up. Am I missing something?

We had a similar problem with MWS 7.1.1. May be it is fixed in 7.1.2. We were using a pop-up within a pop-up. After the top most pop-up is opened and closed once, the topmost pop-up stopped not working. After poking around with Firebug tool I realized that the div tag corresponding to the top most pop-up was moved to bottom of the HTML DOM tree and was interfering with the code to open subsequent pop-ups. I wrote a small java script to correct this issue.

I am not sure if the problem that you are experiencing is along these lines.