'Validation Error Value is not valid' message when working with multiple pages

hi All,

Getting an error message ‘Validation Error: Value is not valid’ in my portlet.

Scenario as follows:

I have a portlet from where I am opening a child window on click of a button(This child window is a jsp page which is in a web application deployed in MWS server).
After opening the child window more than 2 times, if I click any one of the command buttons present in my parent window, I am getting an error message ‘Validation Error: Value is not valid’ and the parent portlet bean is getting expired (it is executing release method defined in the parent portlet bean)

I used ‘&hiddenRequest=true’ parameter as an additional request parameter to child window - to keep the parent portlet bean alive. But didn’t help.

(This additional parameter did work when the child window also is a portlet page bean. But in the above scenario it is a jsp page.) Because of the dependencies present in my parent portlet bean, I can not set it’s expireWithPageFlow property to ‘false’.

Do you have any inputs how can I get around of this error message?

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Would it be possible to attach a portlet and web application that demonstrates this problem?

hi Mark,

Please find the attached sample.

Could you please advise

  1. why the error message ‘Validation Error: Value is not valid’ is coming only after opening child window jsp more than 2 times consequently?

  2. work around to resolve this issue. (Because of the dependencies present in our application, lot of work involved if we change ‘expireWithPageFlow’ property of parent portlet managed bean to ‘false’, and the command button is required in parent portlet)

Environment: webMethods 713.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Validation Error Value is not valid issue files.zip (45.2 KB)

That’s an excellent Sample, thank you. I’m unable to reproduce the problem on my 8.x system. That leads me to believe that we’ve fixed the issue between 7.1.3 and 8.2.

I think you’ll need to file an SR for further investigation.

Thanks Mark. Will file SR for this issue for further investigation.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali


I am facing exactly same issue with my CAF page in 8.0.

I have a drop down list which populates certain values upon a change in a different drop down. However this works fine for first one or two times and later I see " {0}: Validation Error: Value is not valid " Error.

Not sure how the code works for first two times and then this error pops up.

Please guide if anyone has found a solution to this.