Open a Dialog for a generated file

have you read this:

and the folowing pages?

…for me Pascal’s posts looks more how to output/ display a XML document to user (not XML screen definiton, but just some XML). I would do it like with any other document you create on runtime: add it to session buffer and use the URL within a SUBPAGE Control (may be within a popup). To add an XML document to session buffer…

String url = findCISSessionContext().getSessionBuffer()



Thanx for help. It was really the case that I want to display a XML not an HTML.
So I tried:

String output = this.adapter.findCISSessionContext().getSessionBuffer().addDocument(system+".xml", content, “text/xml”);
this.adapter.openPageInTarget(output, “XML”);

I’ve still some problems, but I think not related with CAI.

Regards Pascal


Ok it’s working now.

The only question left, why is the browser-window with the XML not in the front?

Regards Pascal