this is my first post here.
we are exploring the use of online invert to create a super descriptor for a very big file without an outage .
Are there any tips that we should watch out for ?
At the moment , all I can think of is increasing the size of the Plogs . Are there any documents explaining how it works ? i.e. what happen at the start when people are updating the file ? during the building of the index and when it ends .
Any tips are very much appreciated .

I prefer to run the invert job on large files, I have a one order:

01 - Lock the file;
02 - I execute a file adasav;
03 - Run the Job invert, anything restore backup;

ADAINV large file I run on weekends because I have a window for restore

Claudemar’s approach is valid but doesn’t meet Ilana’s requirement of no outage. Using ADADBS ONLINVERT does as it does not require exclusive access to the file. Should the ONLINVERT operation be terminated prematurely, Adabas will release the incomplete inverted index and you can restart the ONLINVERT. Most utility operations do not use the PLOG and AFAIK, ONLINVERT does not either.