Old revision sisplaying on some user machines

I have recently found that several users are still seeing a page from 2 revisions back. I have cleared their temp files, cookies, and flushed their DNS in ipconfig. Has anyone else experienced this?

Which versions are you seeing and where in the IS About page?

Can you elaborate more?


I recently published a revised page to MWS which basically just added a couple more navigational buttons to the page. I believe it is a local machine setting and not a user or role, because it is not related to the user or role, but the machine. e.g. I can log into my machine and see the new buttons, if I log in to one of the affected machines I cannot.

I am using 7.2 by the way. Also if I log into my machine as another user the page displays fine. I have gone to a known problem machine and cleared the cashe, cookies, tem files, etc. without avail.

I have not seen this weird problem on any versions.May be issue with your browser itself (IE or firefox?)


On IE click on Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings -> Mark “Check for newer versions of stored pages” -> “every visit to the page”.

Save and restart IE.

This should get rid of cache.