OFTP2 transmission

Hi all,

I am not familiar with OFTP2 and trying to understand while looking at the both guidelines(rvsEvo and OFTP2 Adapter), but there are some parts I don’t understand.
I have 3 questions on webMethods Adapter 9.0 for OFTP.

  1. A document type oftpMessageOut which is also input parameters of wm.oftp.tn:deliverOftp
    In the adapter’s guideline, it explains only on Bizdoc, Alias, and Security Configurations. There are more parameters such as VDSN, inputFormat, outputFormat, maxRecSize, inputCode and outputCode. I could guess VDSN and maxRecSize from the rvsEvo’s user guideline, but I have no idea what other parameters for.

  2. Send Attempts(maximum resending count when transmission failed)
    When I sent a file by using wm.oftp.tn:deliverOftp and if the transmission failed because target server is down, rvsEvo keeps attempting to send the file until it succeeds. I can’t see the number of send attempts option in the webMethods Adapter 9.0 for OFTP.

  3. CODEIN, CODEOUT, CODETABLE(Conversion Table)
    How to pass above parameters to rvsEvo? I need to convert ASCII to EBCDIC and vice versa.

Thanks in advance.
SJ Yim.