Odbc for linux of Adabas SQL Gateway ??

My application is connecting to Adabas C with php in Linux. Only windows??

Excuseme my english ?


ODBC Client is also available for UNIX and Linux platforms

Hello Richard.

I am surprised by your answer. In native, a ODBC in developped for Windows only.
In fact, I have a solution to use one ODBC client installed on Windows server via script jsp (java).

The speed is slow but all is fonctionnel

If you need of any demo…

May I ask why you choose to access via ODBC instead of JDBC?

Have you used the /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ method I propose or the “move” described in your previous question ? You should not move libraries from one location to an other… Libraries may be loaded dynamically by the C code itself (without references for loader in ELF)

Was this response intended for this forum - it appears to be “in the wrong place”?

“jimmy helu” picks 2 VERY old entries every week or so and posts “something”,
nothing that nick posted so far made sense or was on topic …