ODBC / perl drivers for linux 64-bit


I’m desesperately looking for a way to connect to an Adabas D database from perl (I post here, because perhaps the driver is compatible with Adabas ?).

I want to connect from a Linux machine (debian) running in 64-bit mode, but unfortunately, the binary from the perl kit and the odbc library in adabas/aad/v1200/lib/odbclib.so are only in 32-bit mode and can’t be used under this server.

Is there a version of libAdabasPerl.a and/or odbclib.so built for 64-bit architecture, or does someone here have a solution that would allow to connect to our database ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


From the ADABAS D 13.01.05 documentation (General Technical Features):

[i]Does Adabas D support 64-bit platforms?

Adabas D is available on HP Tru64 UNIX, SUN Solaris 9, HP-UX 11i and IBM AIX 5.2 as a native 64-bit application that also supports Very Large Memory (VLM) data buffers. Therefore, new 64-bit platforms can quickly be made accessible to Adabas D.

Note: There’s a forum dedicated to ADABAS D issues - http://adabas.forums.softwareag.com/viewforum.php?f=35

thank you for your answer.

But unfortunately, the architectures described in the documentation seem to be possible architectures for the server.

We have Adabas D running on a 32 bit server under Linux. This database is used for telco equipments (from Cirpack, which I think is in parternship with you).

We have various client applications running on other machines. Some of these machines are running linux in 32 bit mode, so we can use the driver provided by sotware ag for perl compiled in 32 bit.
But for performance reason, we are switching some machines to 64 bit mode. We only have client applications on these machines, and we only use Linux.

So, although I understand the server exists for non intel/amd 64 bit architecture, I’m just looking for the client library to connect from a 64 bit client to a 32 bit server, both running linux.

I didn’t find any reference to this on your site, but now that linux is getting more and more used under 64 bit, perhaps you have a 64 bit version of the client libraries for linux (even a beta/unsupported version would be great).

Being able to connect from 64 bit linux client is getting a critical problem for us, and if software ag decides not to support recent linux evolution regarding 64 bit and Adabas D, we will really have to consider switching to another database.

Thank you.


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