Hi all,

Let me please comment a issue that we have in our upgrade project that we are doing:

We are upgrating one ERP, with new versions of Adabas D 15, with OSX62 and Natural unix on AIX machine (64 bits) . MACHINE 1

In this machine we have several Natural programs that need to connect to other ERP in other AIX machine (32 bits) with old version of ADABAS D 13 and running with OSX5. MACHINE 2

We try to configure a string connection in MACHINE 1 using ADD driver on remote server on MACHINE 2 and it doesnot work.
We try to install a OSX62 remote server on MACHINE 2 to acces to ADABAS D13 and to create de library and it doesnot work.

The conclusion that we have is that it is imposible… any idea?

Thanks a lot.

Can you please re-post this in the Adabas D forum ?

You are likely to receive more answers there.

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Hi Wolfgang,

I try to do it but I find the ADABAS D Forum locked. May you please tell me how I can do?


Apologies, I hadn’t noticed the forum is locked …