Obtaining file name via file polling service

(The FlatFile Polling documentation is sparse, so…)

I’ve got a FilePolling adapter established, and have a service to invoke. I need to be able to obtain the file name of any file posted to the incoming directory, and then do something with it (read and process it, ftp it elsewhere, etc.). I can’t find any documentation regarding obtaining the file name, however. I can use getFile IF I know the file name, but therein lies the problem.

The 4.6 File I/O adapter worked GREAT for this!

Any ideas? Thanks.

Ah, nevermind. I discovered how to do this via another post (previously unseen). Thanks!

Can you provide a link to that post?

Use pub.flow:getTransportInfo service to get the filename…


I think it’s directly available in the pipeline. That is, the file name (fileName) is passed to the invoked service, along with original file name (originalFileName), ffdate, and Content-type.

At least in IS 6.5 it’s there…

To test, simply use savePipeline (or savePipelineToFile) in the invoked services, and examine the Pipeline (or Pipeline file)