Object Compare on Natural 9

Installed Beyond Compare and activated it on Natural 9. When initiating (click on Start Object Compare) I get an Error - Left file name not set. Write Natural Object to the left file, using its context menu. How do you overcome this?

When Start Object Compare invokes the selected utility (in your case, Beyond Compare), it presumes that you have already selected the objects to be compared. You do that via context menus. Right-click an object name from a module list or tree, then click Object Compare → Write Left File. Right-click a second object name, then click Object Compare → Write Right File. The compare utility will compare left and right files.

Thank you Ralph. Progressed and ended up with this error 'External compare tool not found. Return code 1. Checked and it is there and Object Compare is activated under plug-in-manager.

The Natural Plug-in needs to know that you’re using Beyond and its location.

Tools → Options… → Object Compare tab

(I use AsciiDiff because it is Natural-aware.)

Hi Raplh,

It was done but failing to have .exe created the error.

I had C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare
now it is C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe
and it worked.

Issue resolved now