Hello everybody!
Has somebody some experience with Obfuscator-Software? I want to obfuscate my Crossvision application, but I don’t know if I can reverse engineer the code later.

I will be deeply grateful to become your help.

…we are internally using “retroguard.jar” (I am sure you’ll find futher information via Google). It’s open source, it’s quite oftenly used and it is smoothly embeddable into nigth compiles. It requires a list of directories (.rgs file) that tell what it what to do - this list we dynamically create by rushing through our source directories.


Thank you for your help Bj

“ To obfuscate a program means to bring it into such a form which hampers asmuch as possible the extraction of some valuable information concerning algorithms, data structures, secrete keys, etc. from the text of a program. Obfuscation can be viewed as a special case of encryption. One minor difference is that plaintext (original program) needs not be efficiently extractable from cryptogram (obfuscated program). “

A cryptogram itself must be an executable code equivalent to the original program.