Adabas ciphering on unix


We can enable ciphering on unix (solaris) by specifying the CIPHER keyword when loading a file via FDU.
According the manual ‘the ciphering process uses internal parameters in order to achieve a maximum level of security’ (Administration manual, chapter 2, page 22)
And opposite to the mainframe adabas there is no cipher code to be specified.
To me this doesn’t give real prevention.

E.g. when you have access to the backup file, bring it to another environment and restore the ciphered file into a different database you can easily access the ciphered data via your own adabas utilities or natural program.
All without the need to have a code key.

I tested this by taking the db backup file from our acceptance environment, including a ciphered file, and restored it on our development machine.

Is it really intended to be that simple for ciphered file to be accessed?
Are there plans to introduce a cipher code like on the mainframe?

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Hello Frank,

The only advantage of using ciphering for Adabas Open Systems is that somebody looking to a dump of a container file or a backup cannot recognize what data are stored.

Currently there are no plans to introduce a cipher code like on the mainframe.

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